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Chris Smith
Missouri State University
Football ´02
Olathe, KS
Career Athletes
Athletes Need to WIN at Everything They Do.Because of Our Mindset, I Believe WE Can! So we are building an online community of successful, likeminded individuals networking to help everyone achieve their goals, where anything becomes possible! That is what Career Athletes is all about - Athletes Helping Athletes. The best way to contribute to the community is by offering to help others and you will be amazed at the network you have built. Please let me know if my background or connections can be of assistance to you.You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.- Zig Ziglar Chris Smith, CEO and Founder of Career Athletes, attributes much of his success to being a student-athlete at both the University of Hawaii and Missouri State University.Chris's first three careers out of college were landed through the recommendations of former teammates. While employed with Eli Lilly, Chris moved up into the management program with upper management taking note of his quick advancement. Wanting to hire someone with mirroring traits, they asked Chris what he was doing that was making him so successful. In response, Chris said that he just works hard like any athlete is taught to do. Eli Lilly then asked how the company could go about hiring athletes and thats when it all started to click with Chris. He knew that there had to be an efficient way to help athletes and employers connect.Chris idea for Career Athletes didn't stop there. While in a leadership conference in Indianapolis, Chris was with other top performers from Eli Lilly waiting for the president of the company to come and speak in a room so silent you could hear a pin drop. He started talking to the individual sitting next to him and found out that he was also a college athlete. The words college athlete began to trickle around the room and Chris came to find out that 7 out of the 10 top performers were all former athletes, further fueling the fire to his idea. Every career Chris had was through a former teammate and his success at the companies he worked for were attributed to the traits he developed a college athlete. He thought "imagine if we could connect hundreds or thousands of athletes with each other and employers who want to hire them" and the idea of an athlete-to-athlete network came to life.Chris possesses extensive operational and sales experience within the Pharmaceutical (Eli Lilly) Finance (Wells Fargo), and Investment Banking Industries. Prior to founding, Chris was working as a merger and acquisition specialist. While he was a merger and acquisition specialist, Chris was responsible for structuring and negotiating 22 acquisitions totaling more than 5 million in purchase price. Chris is a former collegiate football player of both the University of Hawaii and Missouri State University. Chris earned a bachelor's degree from Missouri State University in Entrepreneurship/Management.Connect with me on Twitter: @CareerAthCEO
I enjoy anything that has to do with entrepreneurship, sports, hunting and fishing. In addition, I am an avid reader and try to read a new book every three weeks.
University of Hawaii Football Team, Two year Letterman

Missouri State university Football Team, Two year Letterman

1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo

1st Degree Black Belt in Hoi Jeon Moo Sool
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